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Regional Audit Projects

Information on current NYCRIS audit projects is given in these pages. To suggest new subjects for audit or for further information about any of the current projects (or the audit programme) - please contact the Information Projects Team  Tel: 0113 392 4179

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The Audit Programme

One element of the NYCRIS work is a rolling programme of region-wide audits; these are large, multi-centre audits, addressing particular issues related to the provision of cancer services across the whole of the Northern & Yorkshire region. Potential new areas for study are identified through a consultation process with cancer network leads, clinicians and healthcare commissioners. These are then prioritised by the NYCRIS Advisory Group for inclusion in the work programme. Each audit has specific objectives, but our standing objective is:

"To publish the anonymised results of the audit in a form which is freely accessible and to encourage participating hospital trusts and their clinicians to use the findings to adopt best practice."

The Projects Team & Clinical Ownership

NYCRIS has a small team of project staff within the Information Services Unit working on these studies. Clinical ownership is vital to the success of this work. For each project, the team works closely with a clinical steering group comprising representatives of relevant specialties from the four cancer networks in the region (Northern Cancer Network, Yorkshire Cancer Network, Humber and Yorkshire Coast Cancer Network, and the Cancer Care Alliance of Teesside, South Durham and North Yorkshire). Potentially interested individuals are nominated, in the first instance, by the cancer network lead clinicians. The steering groups also have representation from public health.

Caldicott Guardian consent from each Trust is sought for all audits which require access to patient-identifiable data. Once this permission has been obtained, all clinicians are contacted whose patients will be included in the audit. It is also standard practice to send the protocols for each of our audit projects to the Chairman of the Regional Ethics Committee, but ethical approval has not so far been considered necessary.

Current Audits

You will find further details of each of the projects by clicking on the appropriate page, including an abstract of the project, plus relevant documentation and steering group notes. These are regularly updated with the most current information.

Taxanes Audit The use of taxanes for patients with ovarian cancer. Final report is now published and available to download (pdf)

Lung Audit The use of radical therapy for patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Final report is now published and available to download (pdf)

Thyroid Audit Outcomes in thyroid cancer: what factors are important? Final report is now published and available to download (pdf)

Prostate Audit Radical therapies for prostate cancer. Final report is now published and available to download (pdf)

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