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The use of Taxanes for
Patients with Ovarian Cancer

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Taxanes Audit Report
30 Nov 2004 Executive Report
30 Nov 2004 - Acknowledgements
30 Nov 2004 - Summary of NICE Guidance
30 Nov 2004 - Taxanes Trials List
05 Dec 2000 - Data Sources Investigation (PowerPoint)
30 Nov 2004 - Evaluation Form (to fax or send back)

Calendar of Events
05 Dec 2001 - Steering Group Meeting - Agenda - Notes - Presentation1 - 2
19 Sep 2001 - Steering Group Meeting - Agenda - Notes - Presentation1 - 2
26 Jan 2001 - Steering Group Meeting - Agenda - Notes - Presentation1 - 2

19 Sep 2001 - Data Collection Proforma  (final)
10 Jan 2001 - Protocol  (final draft)
26 Oct 2000 - Pharmacy Questionnaire


This audit is a region-wide, population-based audit to quantify the use of taxanes for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in year 2000 and investigates the circumstances under which this therapy was prescribed, what protocols were in place, who administered treatment and where it was administered etc.

The rationale agreed at the start of the project is given below.

There has, in recent years, been an issue of equity of access to the use of taxanes for patients with ovarian cancer across the UK and variation has existed in the decisions made regarding the use of taxanes by Health Authority Commissioners. There are two taxane drugs available in the UK, docetaxel (Taxotere) and paclitaxel (Taxol), although Taxotere is not currently licensed for ovarian cancer. They both cost about 1,500 per course of treatment and each patient may need up to six courses. Because of this high cost, it is thought that most patients in the past received taxanes as a second line treatment mainly under the auspices of trials.

In May 2000, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended that all patients in England and Wales with ovarian cancer should be offered paclitaxel in combination with carboplatin or cisplatin a) following surgery, b) if the cancer re-occurs, or c) if they have not been offered this treatment previously. As a result of this guidance, Health Authorities are now increasingly funding taxanes for ovarian cancer.

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