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How to find us
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Requests for Statistical Information

NYCRIS receives requests for information from a wide variety of people & for many different purposes. The most common requests are for epidemiological data, describing cancer in general terms, including incidence, mortality & survival rates.

Information and data can be requested (FOC) by health professionals, academics, students and the general public - please see our summary Data Disclosure Policy and and Release of Clinician and Hospital Identifiable Data Held by NYCRIS

Further details regarding specific types of data release are available from the UKACR website, including registry-specific forms for requesting identifiable or potentially identifiable data (please contact the cancer registry to discuss your request first).

To request information contact the Information and Analysis Team. Please state:

  • Cancer sites/types - e.g. lung, breast, melanoma
  • Geographical area - e.g. East Leeds PCT, West Yorkshire SHA
  • Dates - time trends? (most recent complete data available is for 2002)
  • Type of analysis required - e.g. incidence and mortality rates, survival rates, treatment patterns
  • Purpose - overall objectives? reasoning for level of data required? project details? intention to publish?
  • Time Constraints - any deadlines? general sense of timescale?
  • Your contact information - job title/organisation/phone/address/email ?

The most recent information can now be obtained using the Cancer Information Service (CIS), a web based service on NHSnet. Analyses are provided by site, sex, age group, area of residence and year of diagnosis. These are displayed as graphics or tables.

If you want to include NYCRIS data in any published reports, please reference us as the source and send us a copy or extract.

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