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NYCRIS is part of several networks, national and international, which help to improve quality and availability of cancer data. UKACR and ENCR provide collection standards, publications, courses and consultancies. NYCRIS regularly submits data to ONS for England incidence and survival reports, and this data is also collated to produce UK summary statistics by the charity CancerResearchUK.

NYCRIS also submits data to IARC for european studies (for example Eurocare [see also report], Eurocim) and also for international publications, eg. Cancer Incidence in Five Continents.

Disease Coding Resouces

Resources to assist in coding topography (site) and morphology (type) of cancer

Public Health Geographies

The NYCRIS region is covered by three Public Health Observatories

These are excellent sources for general public health information, for example, the annual Community Health Profiles or links to EU-wide health data from the European Community Health Indicators (ECHI) project 2006

The area covered by NYCRIS comprises four complete Cancer Networks

two and a bit Government Office Regions

which are apparently co-terminus with 2006 Strategic Health Authorities

For further general information on health geographies, please see

Maps showing the latest 2006 - PCT Health Boundary reconfiguration
See also the ONS - Beginners' Guide to UK Geography

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