The production of this report has been made possible by the active co-operation of consultants, general practitioners, pathology laboratories, medical records staff, information specialists, medical secretaries, clinical coders and managers in the former Yorkshire Health Region. The Registry is indebted to all those who have submitted data and whose support has been given over many years. The statistics in this report have been derived from data collected in hospitals, hospices, screening units and other health care providers, both NHS and private. We hope the individuals and institutions will find the report useful.

We would also like to acknowledge the advice and support given to Registry staff by members of the Cancer Registry Advisory Group. In particular, we are grateful to Mr Richard Sainsbury, Dr Carl Gray, Mr Ian Rothwell, Professor Mark Baker, and Professor Charles Joslin who chaired the group until his retirement.

We are also grateful to the Directors of the UK Cancer Registries and to the Office for National Statistics for the provision of unpublished data.

Cancer Registry Staff

  • Professor David Forman - Director, Yorkshire Cancer Registry
  • Mrs Lesley Rider - Manager, Yorkshire Cancer Registry
Cancer Registration
  • Mrs Carol Lister - Registration Manager
  • Mrs Ann Ramsey - Quality Assurance Manager
  • Mrs Pat Hutchinson - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Sheila Pass - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Christine Perigo - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Heather Rodgers - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Ann Stafford - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Shirley Wray - Special Projects Officer
  • Mrs Sita Keates - Data Collection Officer
  • Mrs Denise Rea - Data Collection Officer
  • Mrs Lynne Sanderson - Data Collection Officer
  • Mrs Fiona Taylor - Data Collection Officer
  • Mrs Carolynn Keane - Trainee Registry Clerk
  • Mrs Pauline Warren - Data Collection Officer (Scunthorpe & Grimsby)
  • Mrs Judy Welburn - Data Collection Officer (Hull & East Yorkshire)
  • Mrs Barbara Wilkinson - Data/Filing Clerk
  • Mrs Judith Latimer - Administration Assistant
  • Mrs Margaret Brown - Cancer Registry Secretary
Information Unit
  • Mr Andrew Smith - Information Unit Manager
  • Mr Colin Johnston - Medical Statistician
  • Mrs Lesley Wales - Database Administrator
  • Mr Roman Tatarek-Gintowt - Information Officer
  • Mr Michael Shires - Information Assistant
  • Mr Bruce Tiplady - Quickdata Programmer

Production Team (1996 Report)


  • Professor David Forman
  • Mrs Lesley Rider
Report prepared by:
  • Mr Colin Johnston - Medical Statistician
  • Mr Roman Tatarek-Gintowt - Information Officer
  • Mr Anthony Hilton - Graphic Designer
  • Mr Andrew Smith - Information Manager
  • Mrs Lesley Rider - Cancer Registry Manager
  • Professor David Forman - Director, Yorkshire Cancer Registry
  • Professor Robert Haward - Director, Yorkshire Cancer Organisation

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