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This report (Dec 96) includes epidemiological data on all cancers in Yorkshire 1989-93, along with treatment and survival data for common cancers.

5-Year Report Series

Published before the merger of the former Northern & Yorkshire cancer registries, this series of reports presents 5-year summary statistics for cancers in Yorkshire (incidence & mortality) with more detailed (tabular & graphical) analysis of key cancer sites (including treatment & survival).

Yorkshire Cancer Registry Report 1996 (1989-93) ISBN 1-899708-049
Yorkshire Cancer Registry Report 1991 (1984-88) ISBN 1-899708-006
Yorkshire Cancer Registry Report 1985 (1978-83)
Yorkshire Cancer Registry Report 1979 (1974-77)
Yorkshire Cancer Registry Report 1975 (1973)

More recent information can now be obtained using QuickData, a flexible graphical package for PC (Win3x/9x/NT). Analyses are provided by site, sex, age group, area of residence and year of diagnosis. These are displayed as graphics or tables. Data is available for Yorkshire (to 1996) and Northern (to 1994).

Site Specific Reports

1. Lung Cancer (May 1993) ISBN 1-899708-014
2. Head and Neck Cancers (Jan 1995) ISBN 1-899708-022
3. Breast Cancer (May 1995) ISBN 1-899708-030

This series of site specific reports has been superceded by the Key Sites Study.