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List of recent updates to web site

Date Page Description
25.05.2007 Reference   Added latest survival data tables
23.04.2007 Home   Changed text: Governance & Communication
05.04.2007 Stats Report   Appendix to Statistical Report 2000-04
05.04.2007 Reference   Added 2004 Reference data tables
28.03.2007 Home   Changed text: Stakeholder Days & Governance
02.03.2007 Home   Added floating text re: Stakeholder Days
02.03.2007 Stats Report   Added Statistical Report 2000-04
02.03.2007 Annual Report   Added 2005/6 Annual report for download
31.01.2007 Head & Neck   Added Head & Neck Factsheet (finally)
20.12.2006 Links   Added ICD10 lookup resources
20.12.2006 Home   Added floating text re: future governance
14.11.2006 TSE Leaflet   Updated dead links on TSE info page
03.11.2006 Links   Added new health geography links
23.10.2006 Annual Report   Added 2003/4 Annual report for download
18.10.2006 Research   Reasearch list reformatted to design standard
18.10.2006 Reference   Added 2003 Reference data tables
18.10.2006 About Us   Updated about information
18.10.2006 Annual Report   Added Annual Report & NYCRIS Flyer
18.10.2006 Links   Pruned page, added imagemap & main links
18.10.2006 Menu   Improved menu functionality - using text
18.10.2006 Menu   Revised look of website
24.03.2006 Research   Updated publications List
22.03.2006 Contact Info   Updated Hospital disclosure policy
22.03.2006 Links   Added link to
09.03.2006 Contact Info   Added data disclosure policy
01.12.2005 UKACR Posters   Added posters (pdf downloads)
19.09.2005 PCT Facts   Correction to HYC factsheets
02.09.2005 PCT Facts   PDF Downloads Added by PCT
23.06.2005 CIS   Updated CIS software screenshots and text
14.04.2005 Contact   UKACR Guidelines for Potentially identifiable data
13.04.2005 Reference   Removed 'both' rates from sex-specific sites
29.03.2005 Contact   Added PDF of Data Release Protocol
29.03.2005 Contact   More details on requesting data
29.03.2005 About   Added PDF of publications since 1996
29.03.2005 Links   Corrected link to Achoo search engine
23.03.2005 Reference   Added 2001 and 2002 reference tables
26.01.2005 Inequalities   Added new page & inequalities papers
03.12.2004 Audit   Added evalustion forms for all audit reports
03.12.2004 Audit   Taxanes Audit Report now published
01.11.2004 Links   Link for Yorkshire Childhood Tumour Register
01.11.2004 Deaths   Place of Death Report Replaced
05.10.2004 Deaths   New Place of Death Report Added
05.10.2004 Deaths   Removed Old Mortality/ POD Report
12.07.2004 Audit   Thyroid Audit Report now published
21.06.2004 Reference   Added page for NYCRIS reference data
12.07.2004 Audit   Lung & Prostate Audit Reports published
30.04.2004 NYCRIS CIS   Registry roll-out timescales added
16.02.2004 PCT Facts   PDF Downloads Added (by Network)
16.02.2004 NYCRIS CIS   Information Pages added
16.02.2004 QuickData   QuickData pages replaced by CIS (+ menu items)
16.02.2004 Audit   Audit pages now sub-menu item
31.12.2003 Audit   Added final Lung Report & supporting documents
16.12.2003 Links   Dead links updated (West Lincs PCT)
27.08.2003 Links   Dead links updated
06.06.2003 PCT Facts   PDF Downloads Added (by Network)
21.02.2003 Networks   PDF Download Added (report/corrections)
30.01.2003 Audit   Updated audits page & added newsletter
20.01.2003 Audit   Updated to include latest meetings/documents
22.12.2002 Audit   Updated to include latest meetings/documents
09.10.2002 Links   Added link to South West Cancer Intelligence Service
09.10.2002 Audit   Document links checked & updated
04.10.2002 Audit   Audit pages go live + scroll
11.06.2002 Links   Added link to Oxford Cancer Intelligence Unit
08.01.2002 Links   Added link to Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinic
26.03.2002 Menu   Re-ordered publications list into groups
13.03.2002 QuickData   1999 download added, new graphic, flyer & banner
20.02.2002 Histopath   Melanoma, Endometrium & Soft Tissue Sarcomas
20.02.2002 96 Report   Amended text to accompany contents
20.02.2002 Reports   Updated images of reports
20.02.2002 Lung Ref   Link added to paper in British Journal of Cancer
12.02.2002 Skin Regs   Skin Cancer Registration Report added (menu item)
11.02.2002 Key Sites   Breast report download added
08.01.2002 Links   Added links to NHSia & Library for Health
03.01.2002 Key Sites   Erratum pages added to pancreas report
03.01.2002 Links   Corrected link for Brighton Healthcare NHS Trust
28.12.2001 Networks   Lung Survival Corrections Added (letter & xls)
18.12.2001 Links   Corrected link for Scottish ISD
03.09.2001 Networks   Network Map added to home page
05.10.2001 Networks   1998 report Excel97 download added
30.09.2001 QuickData   1998 downloads corrected (deaths)
26.09.2001 Audit   Sample Audit pages added (local siteonly)
03.09.2001 Networks   1998 report added (new page), menu item & banner
30.08.2001 QuickData   1998 download added, new graphic, flyer & banner
31.07.2001 Home Page   Faded LTH logo & link added to NYCRIS graphic
31.07.2001 All Pages   Faded LTH logo added to NYCRIS graphic
10.05.2001 QuickData   Zip 97 downloads, streamlined page
10.05.2001 Deaths   Added page for Ziv paper abstact
10.05.2001 Deaths   Deaths & Mortality/ Place of Death Reports (& menu)
10.05.2001 Deaths   Added page for Ziv paper abstact
31.01.2001 Jobs   Extended deadline for Coordinator Post
31.01.2001 Histopath   Added Oesophageal Histopathology Form
25.01.2001 QuickData   Download updated & NT space bugfix added to page
16.01.2001 Research   Reference to Cherian's Paper updated (published)
12.01.2001 Jobs   Ads for Info Coordinator & Info Officer
11.01.2001 QuickData   QuickData97 Download added (new pages & menu)
27.11.2000 Reports   Colorectal Report added
27.11.2000 Histopath   Histopath Forms (Colorec) added (new page & menu)
24.07.2000 Reports   Bereavement Study added (new page added & menu)
24.07.2000 Key Sites   Pancreas report download added
17.05.2000 96 ReportCorrected ALL main headings to display properly.
17.05.2000 96 Report   Corrected broken links reported by search robot
17.05.2000 QuickData   Added Program Update 2.07 to download
10.04.2000 Reports   Lung Cancer Referrals Report added
14.12.1999 Key Sites   Added Melanoma Report Download
04.10.1999   Reports   Added Change Log and link to reports menu
04.10.1999 Links Amended erroneous list tag in journals <dd> to <dl>
04.10.1999 Links Removed dead link to Healthgate Advanced Search
04.10.1999 Jobs Removed advertisement for CIRO manager vacancy
04.10.1999 Home Removed reference to CIRO job in scrolling text box
05.10.1999 Research   Corrected text formatting by searching out missing tags