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What is it?

The NYCRIS Cancer Information Service (CIS) is a new web-based analytical tool available to healthworkers within the NHS.

NYCRIS collects information about residents of the Northern & Yorkshire Health region who are diagnosed with cancer. From a population base of over 6.7 million people, we register over 40,000 new cases of cancer each year.If we are to reduce the burden from cancer over the next decade we must make the best use of this information which means making sure it is accessible.

The Cancer Information Service (CIS) is one part of this process, which has been adopted by regional cancer registries nationally, and allows health workers to access the most up to date cancer surveillance data from their own desktop PC. NYCRIS was the pilot site for the web client version and many of the English registries have now rolled out their local systems.

Data from Trent Cancer Registry will shortly be included on our installation and a national portal for England is currently under development (due to be rolled out Spring/Summer 2007).

Who can use it?

CIS is available to all health authorities, PCTs and acute trusts within Northern & Yorkshire. CIS is only accessible over the NHSnet, but requires no extra user software installation (MS Internet Explorer 5.5+).

To apply for access, prospective users should print-out, sign and return the combined application form/ confidentiality agreement (pdf download), co-signed by your organisation's Caldicott Guardian & Cancer Lead Clinician. If you would prefer a paper copy, please contact the Information Services Unit.

Training is primarily provided by way of an introductory flash tutorial, along with printable self-directed user guides (covering basic & advanced features). These are integrated into the product and can be accessed via your account.

Although the system currently holds only aggregated statistical data, it is intended to later include trust and clinician level data, the confidentiality of which will be protected by levels of authorisation. To preview the intended full scope of this system, please see details of the original concept at the West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit.

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What can you do with CIS?

Currently there are three modules available - Incidence, Mortality and Survival. Data is available for all registered cancers, by year, geographical area or age, and can be viewed either as tables or graphs, which can be exported to PDF or Excel.

Variables such as time period, geographical area, sex, cancer site, and age can all be selected depending on your requirements. The modules currently include:

  • Incidence
    registrations, crude incidence rates and age-standardised rates, mortality/incidence ratios
  • Mortality
    deaths, crude mortality rates, age-standardised rates & M/I ratios
  • Survival
    relative survival by time period (1-10 years) & stage

Tumour site codes use ICD10 classification. Geographical areas include Government Office Regions (GOR), Cancer Networks, Strategic Health Authorities (SHA), Primary Care Trusts (PCT), Local Authorities (LA) and Wards (to be included shortly). Time period (as individual year, 3-year or 5-year rolling averages) is available for 1981 to 2002.

To get a flavour of the output from CIS, see the sample charts below.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact the
Information Services team. If you want to include NYCRIS data in any published reports, please reference us as the source and send us a copy or extract

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