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Place of Death

Place of Death of Cancer Patients in Northern & Yorkshire 1998-2002 (xls 0.5mb)

An extended version is also available, showing longer term trends over 1983-2002 (xls 4.3mb or zip 0.7mb)

This report details the number of deaths by year and place of death, SHA/PCT or Cancer Network of residence at diagnosis, for cancer deaths only

Other Studies using NYCRIS Mortality Data

Recent Trends in the Place of Death of Cancer Patients: a Cancer Registry Based Study in the Yorkshire Region (1989-96)  Dr Z Amir, Professor RA Haward, EA Barker, Dr RC Lane (2000) Cancer Strategy 2, 55-60

The Provision of Bereavement Support Services: A Pilot Study

If you want to include NYCRIS data in any published reports, please reference us as the source and send us a copy or extract.

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