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Cancer Outcomes Monitoring

The Key Sites Study is a three-year project, analysing the variation in cancer treatment policies and their effects on survival using Yorkshire data for the period 1986-94.

Published reports are now available to download as acrobat pdf documents.

1. Central Nervous System  (Dec 98)
2. Lung  (July 99)
3. Melanoma  (Dec 99)
4. Pancreas(July 2000) *Erratum
5. Colorectal  (Dec 2000)
6. Breast  (Dec 2001)
7. Cervix  (May 2002)
8. Ovary  (Dec 2002)

Note: documents are formatted for monochrome double-sided printing
(including some blank pages)

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Proposed Reports in this Series

Central Nervous SystemLung Melanoma Breast
gastro-intestinal cancers -Pancreas Oesophago-gastric Colorectal
gynaecological cancers - OvaryUterus Cervix