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Northern & Yorkshire Cancer Networks

A Report on Incidence and Management for the main sites of Cancer 1998 (pdf) (Aug 2001) is available to download

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Download Cancer Networks Report

Unfortunately the PDF supplied by the printer is big (18mb). If your connection is very fast, you can download it here (right-click this link & "Save Target As...").

Alternatively you may prefer to download individual sections (in pdf format) below (some pages have been re-created from original drafts to reduce file size):

Cover, Contents and Introductions 8 pages, 249kb
Section 1  Profile of the Networks 2 pages, 189kb
Section 2  Referral Patterns 5 pages, 1.8mb
Section 3  Common Cancers - Colorectal 4p Lung* 3p Breast 4p - 1.6mb
                 * Correction to paper table 3.21 - Lung Cancer 1-year Survival
Section 4  Summary Site-Specific Analysis 5 pages, 86kb
Section 5  Registrations, Incidence, Deaths & Mortality 7 pages, 146kb
Section 6  Appendices & back cover 5 pages, 716kb

All graphs & tables (including corrected table 3.21) are now also available in an Excel97 spreadsheet 1.1mb or compressed in a Winzip Archive 297kb

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If you want to include NYCRIS data in any published reports, please reference us as the source and send us a copy or extract.

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